The One Shoulder Dress

Apart from jumpsuits I always loved asymmetric dresses and tops. I believe showing a little bit of skin is flattering and effortlessly chic.

Just in time for new year's and even Christmas Parties, one shoulder style is the perfect party wear. It doesn't matter if they're metallic, or sequined some believe the shinier the better.

I stayed with the minimalist look and bought one in all black.

My Zara dress is made of a stretchy material so even if I eat too much the dress will hold me together. Love the fact that it has long sleeve and a pretty long slide slim at the hem.

As we just started our second lock down in the UK I couldn't wear it as gathering are strictly banned for just now.

So I took the dress to the beach.

Wow, look at that sunset!

If you would wonder, it was freezing cold but I didn't mind at all. I as just happy to wear the dress and spend some time with Bo and Pash on the beach.

I believe this very exact dress is no longer available but this style isn`t new therefore you can find in any shape and color at most clothing brands.

Ladies, if you don`t owe one yet, I encourage you to buy one then dress up take go to the beach and feel like a princess for a little while. You`ll enjoy it. I promise.

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